[In Convention of the Representatives of the State of New-York,

Fishkill, September 14, 1776.

Whereas the present critical situation of this State, and the important objects the Convention have in view, render it necessary that the good people of this State should be fully and constantly represented in this Convention:

Resolved, therefore, That all the Members of this Convention do forthwith, and at all times during the session thereof, regularly give their attendance at it; except such of the Members as now are or hereafter may be absent by order of the Convention.

Ordered, That copies of the aforegoing Resolution be immediately transmitted to the Committees of all the Counties in this State, except those of Richmond, King' s, Queen' s, Suffolk, and the City and County of New- York, and to all the Members of those five Counties who may not be in the. power of the enemy.

Extract from the Minutes:

ROBT˙ BENSON, Secretary.]