Petition of William Bollan, Bill Passes


The Earl of Stair presented to the House a Petition of William Bollan, Esq˙, Agent for the Council of the Province of Massachusetts Bay.

The same was read by the Clerk as follows:

To the Right Honorable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, in Parliament assembled, the Petition of William Bollan, Esq˙, Agent for the Council of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, most humbly showeth:

That the "Bill for the immediate removal of the officers concerned in the collection and management of his Majesty' s duties of Customs, from the town of Boston, in the Province of Massachusetts Bay, in North America; and to discontinue the landing, discharging, lading, and shipping, of goods, wares, and merchandise, at the said town of Boston, or within the harbour thereof," at present depending under consideration of this right honorable House, contains various provisions proposed to be enacted, inconsistent with the ancient and just rights, lawful possessions, usual comforts of life, and common social benefits, with other important interests of the Petitioner' s constituents, long held in amicable conjunction with other inhabitants of Boston, and the Province, and the other Colonies, and the most desirable connection with innumerable persons employed in manufactures, trade, and navigation, in Great Britain, whereby they have been well maintained, and prospered; and moreover, with the general circulation of American commerce, from which so great benefits are daily received by this Kingdom, in various ways.

That the merchants of Boston were not partakers of the offence committed in the late destruction of the tea there, nor of any other act of violence; nevertheless, if the present Bill be enacted, they will become the chief sufferers, together with numerous British merchants and manufacturers.

Wherefore your Lordships Petitioner humbly prays that he may be heard before this right honorable House, in order to prevent these provisions from passing to be enacted.

W˙ Bollan.

Which done,

The said Mr˙ Bollan was called in, and heard at the bar, against the said Bill.

He is directed to withdraw. Then the said Bill was read the third time.

The question was put, "whether this Bill shall Pass?" It was resolved in the Affirmative, Nemine Dissentiente.