Examination of William Warne, apprehended by order of the Convention, William Warne committed to the custody of Captain Weeks till further orders


The Committee were informed that William Warm, who has been apprehended by their order, is attending in custody.

Ordered, That he be brought in for examination.

Die Lunae, 4 ho˙ P˙ M.

William Warm, of Fishkill, wheelwright, being examined, says, that the news he told that thirty thousand men were arrived on Long-Island, he heard on Long-Island, from the inhabitants there; that he came from Long-Island on Thursday last. That David Colden told him there were above thirty thousand men on Long-Island, and that ten thousand more were lately arrived at Staten-Island; that either David Colden or some other person informed him that fifteen thousand more were expected. That a Doctor told him that General Burgoyne had so many men in Canada, of the Canadians and Indians, as, with eight hundred Regulars, amount to twenty-five thousand.

That he was informed that men were killed and fifteen hundred taken prisoners. That he was informed that Lasher' s battalion was so far destroyed that it would not be recruited; that Doctor Ogden informed that Suffolk County had given up; that General Howe had sent to Suffolk County that if they would submit and testify their loyalty, they must send him two hundred wagons, and that near three hundred had passed his house; that one of the Light-Horsemen told he had taken General Woodhull in the dark in a barn; that before he would answer when he spoke to the General, he had cut him on the head and both arms; that the ships in the Sound prevented his getting off the Island; that the enemy said they had about two hundred men killed and wounded.

William Warne, by order, withdrew.

Ordered, That he be committed to the custody of Captain Weeks till further orders, and that Captain Platt direct that the witnesses against him be summoned to attend this Committee and give evidence.