Committee of King' s County


The Credentials of the Member from King' s County were read and considered, and the question put, Whether the said Credentials are sufficient; which was decided unanimously in the negative.

Thereupon, Resolved, Whereas it appears by the Credentials produced from the Committee of King' s County to this Convention that the election for Representatives in Convention was not held at the time mentioned in the Resolution of the late Congress for holding such election, nor in conformity to the said Resolutions:

Resolved, therefore, That the said election was unlawful, and all and singular the matters and things thereby transcribed, merely void.

Whereas it is just and necessary that all the inhabitants of this State should be represented in this Convention at this very important crisis, when matters of the greatest moment to the present generation and to all posterity are now immediately in agitation; and whereas by reason of the irregularity of holding the election in King' s County, and of sundry defects in the Credentials of the Representatives of the said County chosen, the said Representatives could not be received into this Convention:

Resolved, therefore, That the Committee of the said County be required to hold an election according to the true intent and meaning of the Resolution of the 31st day of May last, on Saturday next, the 24th instant.

Resolved, further, That the Committee of King' s County be informed that the Credentials, by them made and delivered to this Convention, bearing date 19th instant, are materially defective, in that it does not appear from the said Credentials whether any or what powers are given to the Representatives therein named, when, in fact, the said Representatives ought to be expressly authorized to assist in forming and establishing a new form of Government, and consequently of agreeing, on the part of their constituents, to the general independency of America.

Ordered, That the foregoing Resolves be immediately transmitted to the Committee of King' s County.