Letter from Colonel Ritzema, on the bad state of the arms in tim Army


From the universal bad state of the arms in the Army here, it is become impossible for me to have the arms I have got in my Regiment put even in a tolerable condition by the Continental Armourers. I have, out of my Regiment, collected six men — two of whom are very good gunsmiths — for the purpose of repairing the arms. Mr˙ Buys, the blacksmith in the Bowery, has offered me the use of his forge, but I want a few tools, such as handvices, screws, and planes. Mr˙ Abeel will not furnish them without an order of Congress; pray be so kind as to apply, in my behalf, for an order, that my men may go to work immediately; also for an order to Norwood for muskets. McDougall' s fortnight ends Saturday next. I shall dine at Manners' s, where you will be pleased to leave the order. Yours, in haste,


To Secretary Benson, Congress.
Thursday morning,