Letter from Colonel Joseph Drake


A Letter from Joseph Drake, at New-Rochell, dated this day, was received and read, in the words following, to wit:

"New-Rochell, August 28, 1776.

"SIR: I received the resolve of the Committee of Safety yesterday, enclosed to me by John McKesson, Esq˙ Pursuant to my directions, I have ordered a party to guard from Rye-Neck to Rodman' s Neck, of the Militia of this County. Colonel Graham' s Regiment is at present stationed at Frog' s Neck. The enemy lay yesterday and all last night by Hart-Island; this morning they removed a little to the southward of Miniford' s Island, where they at present lay. They have not been able to plunder much. They got from Mineford' s Island four horned cattle and some poultry, which is all we have been able to learn they have plundered. I immediately sent Captain Hunt, with about fifty men, from New-Rochel, who, with the help of a part of Colonel Graham' s Regiment, drove off all the cattle from the Island, to the amount of thirty-odd head. I should be glad to be informed if Colonel Graham' s Regiment is to remain on Frog-Neck, if that is not improper it will be a very great ease to the County at this season, especially as it will take almost all the Militia to guard the whole. I conceive it will take nigh half of my Regiment to guard from Rodman' s Point to the snuff mills. Colonel Sudd is to send one hundred men, and to guard from there to Rye-Neck. I find it very difficult for the men to provide five days' provisions at this time of the year; therefore, I thought it proper to appoint Theophilus Barlow Commissary for the time being. I am apprehensive, if ever I should come to an engagement with the enemy, we should be in great want of powder, as we have not above six rounds a man for all the Militia. You may rely on my utmost vigilance to frustrate the intentions of the enemy in all their motions while here.

"From your very humble servant,


Ordered, To be referred to Mr˙ Morris and Mr˙ Jay.