Report from the Committee


Monday Morning, August 26, 1776.

The Convention met pursuant to adjournment.

Present: Abm˙ Yates, Jun˙, Esq˙, President pro tem.

NEW-YORK. — Mr˙ Bancker. Mr˙ Harper, General Scott, Colonel Remsen, Mr˙ Beekman.

ALBANY. — Mr˙ Yates, Mr˙ Bleecker, Mr˙ Adgate.

SUFFOLK. — Mr˙ Smith, Mr˙ Tredwell, Mr˙ Gelston, Mr˙ Dearing, Mr˙ Miller, Mr˙ L' Hommedieu.

WESTCHESTER. — Mr˙ Morris, Judge Graham, Mr˙ Haviland, General Morris.

ULSTER. — Mr˙ Confine, Colonel Paulding.


DUTCHESS. — Mr˙ R˙ R˙ Livingston, Mr˙ London, Major Schenck.

TRYON. — Mr˙ Harper, Mr˙ Moore, Mr˙ Veder,Mr˙ Newkirk.

ORANGE. — Dr˙ Outwater, Mr˙ Wisner.

CHARLOTTE. — Mr˙ Duer.

CUMBERLAND. — Colonel Marsh, Mr˙ Stephens.

QUEEN' S. — Mr˙ Samuel Townsend, Mr˙ James Townsend, Colonel Blackwell.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Tredwell, Mr˙ William Smith, and Mr˙ James Townsend, be a Committee to draw up and report Instructions for Brigadier-General Woodhull, and that they report with all convenient speed.

Mr˙ Gouverneur Morris, from the Committee appointed on the, brought in their Report, which, being read and amended, and unanimously agreed to, is in the words following, that is to say:

Whereas divers persons who had been represented to this Convention as notoriously disaffected to the American cause, and whose going at large ought to be restrained, have, by order of this Convention, been arrested, and now remain confined in the Jails of some of the Counties of this State:

And whereas justice and the publick safety demand that the degrees of restraint should be proportionate to the danger arising from the disaffection, evil disposition, and influence of the said Prisoners:

Resolved, unanimously, That the General Committees of the Counties in which they are so confined, being possessed of more knowledge of the characters and principles of each of the said Prisoners than this Convention can readily acquire, be, and they hereby are, authorized and directed so to dispose of the said Prisoners as that no undue and unnecessary severity be shown them on the one hand, and the safety of the publick against their machinations provided for on the other: Provided, always, That the said Committees shall not have power to tolerate any person or persons who already have been, or may hereafter be, confined in Jail for treasonable practices against the State.

Ordered, That copies thereof be sent to the County Committees, and published in all the newspapers.