Information by General Clinton of a quantity of butter taken from Brian Connor


Connor' s Tavern, Fish-Kill, December 18th, 1776.

Present: Mr˙ Duer, Chairman, General Morris, Colonel De Witt, Mr˙ Zeph˙ Platt, Captain Socket.

Mr˙ Joseph Hoff, of the Nine Partners, appeared before the Committee, and informed that Thomas Tobias, Richard Peters, John Howard, Dr˙ Christian Tobias, and Willert Duck, all of the Nine Partners, and very active Tories, had for some time absconded; that John Howard, Richard Peters, and Thomas Tobias, had returned, and that since their return a number of young men who lived in their neighbourhood were missing, and, as they suppose, went off with some of the above persons.

Captain Caleb Haight attending, gave the same information, and says, further, that they are eight men belonging to his Company, who had absconded. Their names are Willbert Duck, Silas Duck, 3d, (son of Silas Duck,) Samuel Horcey, John Smith, Thomas Tobias, Israel Hallock, Amos Hallock, Isaac Hoff, in Charlotte Precinct; that some of these persons are men of estate, and have considerable forage; that there is near twenty men out of Captain Smith' s company who have absconded; that Thomas Tobias was home on Monday last.

Resolved, That Captain Haight, Mr˙ Isaac Hoff, and Captain Samuel Smith, be requested to furnish with a list of such persons who have absconded from the Nine Partners, distinguishing such as have property.

The Chairman being appointed on another Committee, which required his indispensable attendance, Mr˙ Gansevoort was unanimously chosen Chairman.

Mr˙ Duer informed the Committee that he had delivered Abraham Cuyler, Esq˙, Mayor of Albany, to Lieutenant Schoonmaker, of Captain Belknap' s company, and that he had suffered him to escape; that he had put Lieutenant Schoonmaker under an arrest, till the pleasure of this Committee should be known.

Resolved, That the Committee approve of Mr˙ Duer' s conduct, [and that the Chairman report the conduct of Lieutenant Schoonmaker to the Convention of this State.]

A Petition of Thomas Menzies, Esq˙, dated December 17, 1776, to the Convention of the State of New-York, and by them referred to this Committee, being read and considered, the Committee came to the following Resolution:

Resolved, That Thomas Menzies, Esq˙, be permitted to return to his place of residence, and that he give his parole of honour to remain within six miles thereof till the further order of this Committee or the Legislative authority of this State.

Ordered, That Colonel De Witt prepare a draught of a parole to be signed by Mr˙ Menzies.

P˙ M˙ — Present: Mr˙ Gansevoort, Chairman, Mr˙ Platt, Mr˙ Sackett.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Gilbert Southerd be requested to furnish the Guard in this place with Firewood, and that this Committee will pay him therefor.