Report of the Committee


Barrent Miller, Esq˙, came into the Convention and took his seat, as a Deputy for Suffolk County.

The Committee, consisting of the Deputies from Suffolk and Queen' s Counties, appointed yesterday evening, to reconsider the Report of the former Committee on the Letter of General Livingston to his Excellency General Washington, brought in their Report. Eight paragraphs thereof, with the recital, being read, amended, and agreed to, paragraph by paragraph, is in the words following, that is to say:

Whereas the enemy' s troops have landed on the western shore of Nassau-Island and penetrated into the heart of King' s County, and this Convention have received intelligence that they are in extreme want of provisions and refreshments; and whereas it will be extremely difficult, if not impracticable, to prevent them from ravaging and plundering the southern part of the said Island, whereby their present necessities may be greatly relieved: Inasmuch, therefore, as it is the duty of this Convention to prefer the general cause of America to the interest and convenience of individuals:

1st. Resolved, That all the Horses, Horned Cattle, and Sheep, belonging to the south side of the ridge of hills in Queen' s County, be forthwith removed, and put into the fields at the east end of Hempstead Plains, there to be and remain, under a sufficient number of keepers, at the discretion of Brigadier-General Woodhull, until he shall judge it necessary to remove them farther eastward; and when he shall think the same necessary, that he do direct them to be drove into such part of Suffolk County as he shall think proper: Provided, notwithstanding, That nothing in this resolve shall extend to prevent each large family from retaining four milch Cows, each middling family three, and each small family two; nor each fanner from retaining one pair of Horses.

2d. Resolved, That it be recommended to the inhabitants of Queen' s County, residing to the south of the ridge of hills, immediately to remove all their Grain now in the barns and barracks, to some convenient place, at a distance


from the buildings, that the same, without endangering the buildings, may be burnt, whenever it shall be impracticable to prevent the enemy from getting possession of it.

3d. Resolved, unanimously, That whenever Brigadier-General Woodhull, or the commanding officer for the time being, shall judge that it is the design of the enemy to possess themselves of such Grain, he do send a sufficient number of men to burn and destroy the same; and that the said General or commanding officer at the same time cause all the Horses and Cows which were left with the different families to be driven away or killed; and that all the Mills at the same time be dismantled by taking and carrying away the upper stone.

4th. Resolved, unanimously, That Brigadier-General Woodhull, with the Troops under his command, take post on the high ground running through Nassau-Island, as near the enemy as he may think expedient, for the purpose of opposing their incursions; and that whenever it shall appear probable to him that the enemy will gain possession of those heights, and of the country to the northward and eastward of the same, he retreat, removing or destroying the stock and the grain, and dismantling the Mills, in manner above directed.

5th. Resolved, unanimously, That such of the Militia of General Woodhull' s Brigade as are, or shall be, in actual service, shall be entitled to Continental pay and rations agreeable to their respective ranks.

6th. Resolved, unanimously, That Robert Townsend be a Commissary to supply the Brigade with Provisions, till such time as General Washington shall give further orders for that purpose; and that Mr˙ William Smith and Mr˙ Samuel Townsend be a Committee to wait on General Washington with a copy of these Resolutions, and submit the expediency and necessity of the same to his consideration and advice.

And whereas it will be extremely difficult, if not impracticable to effect the good purposes of these Resolutions without an additional force to the Militia, ordered out by a Resolve of this morning for calling out a part of General Woodhull' s Brigade:

Ordered, That said Committee submit to his Excellency' s consideration the propriety of ordering Col˙ Smith' s and Col˙ Remsen' s Regiments of Militia to join the said Brigade.

Ordered, That the said Committee do request General Washington' s opinion relative to the propriety of calling forth further detachments of the Militia of this State into action; and if called out, to what place.

Ordered, That a copy of the aforegoing Resolutions be immediately transmitted to the Delegates of this State in the General Congress.