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General Heath to General Lee



Peekskill, December 8th, 1776.

DEAR GENERAL: Yesterday afternoon Lieutenant-Colonel Vose arrived at this place from Albany, with Greaton' s, Bond' s, and Porter' s regiments, making in the whole between five and six hundred men. I have advised them not to lose a moment' s time, but to follow you immediately. I am furnishing them with provisions, tents, &c˙, and they will begin their march this day.

Captain Williams, of Greaton' s, informs me this morning that General Gates had sent forward orders for the troops to rendezvous at Goshen. He had not received your letter until he heard from you that they might know what route to take.

I have advised the troops here to proceed, as it is most probable General Gates, who is to be at Goshen this night, will join them on the road.

I submit it to you, sir, if it would not be best to send an express back, with such directions as you may think proper, either to halt them on the road from Goshen, until General Gates comes up, or march forward and join you without loss of time.

I am, dear General, your most humble servant,


Major-General Lee.

P˙ S. General Gates has with him Paterson' s, Stark' s, Read' s, and Poor' s regiments.