Mr. Speaker' s


"Mr˙ Speaker' s Speech to his Excellency SIMON Earl of HARCOURT.

"LUNE, 25 Die Decembris, 1775.

"MAY IT PLEASE YOUR EXCELLENCY: The conduct of the Commons, in the course of this session, has marked more strongly, if possible, than in any former period, their loyally, duty, and affection to his Majesty, and their zeal for the interest and honour of Great Britain. At the hazard of their own safety, they have consented to part with one-third


third of the forces deemed necessary to be maintained at all times within this kingdom for its defence, in a season when powerful reasons existed for retaining them, without putting Great Britain to the expense of replacing them, though generously offered; and they have cheerfully granted to his Majesty a very considerable supply, in addition to all former duties, though the liberality of the last session served only to expose the weakness of their resources. This disposition in the Commons, they doubt not, your Excellency will improve to their advantage; and they trust that, through your Excellency' s favourable representation, it will serve to unite Great Britain and Ireland in still closer bonds of mutual affection, so necessary to the security and prosperity of both. They acknowledge, with gratitude, your Excellency' s generous efforts to open to them new sources of commerce, and to remove some restraints upon the old; they see with joy a beam of light break through that dark cloud which has so long overshadowed this nation; and they are animated with the hope that the honour is reserved for your Excellency' s Administration of establishing this important truth, that nothing will contribute more to augment the strength and wealth of Great Britain than the increase of both in this kingdom."