Intelligence received of a Ship of War making up the Bay


Tuesday, March 5, 1776.

Council met. Present: Mr˙ Jenifer, Mr˙ Carroll, Mr˙ Hall, Mr˙ Tilghman, and Mr˙ Hands. Mr˙ Smyth has leave of absence.

Seven o' clock at night. — The Council being informed by the Pilot-Boats stationed to gain and communicate intelligence, that a Ship-of-War was making up the Bay, a Letter was immediately sent by express to the Committee of Observation for Baltimore County, informing them thereof. A Letter was also sent to Colonel John Hall, (vide No˙ 29,) and copies of the Letter No˙ 30 to Colonels Thomas Dorsey and John Weems, respectively.

Adjourned till next day, eight o' clock.