Dec. 11, Committee met at Connor' s Tavern, Fishkill, Mr. Duer being absent, Mr. Jay was chosen Chairman


The First Commissioner is desired to write to Mr˙ Elder, Surgeon of the Comet, and request that he will give his attendance on board the said vessel once every day while in harbour.

Agreed, That Mr˙ Stephen Duvall do purchase a small Boat from Captain Francis Morgan, for the use of the Pilot-Boat Eagle, and that the First Commissioner do pay for the same.

Agreed, To draw on the Treasury for amount of the Comet' s pay-bill to the 27th instant, being three months, amount, £2,844 18 0
For the detachment of Soldiers on board said brigantine, 383 12 6
  £3,228 10 6

Adjourned to next Thursday evening, six o' clock.



Wednesday, 11th December, 1776.

The Committee met at Connor' s Tavern.

Present: Mr˙ De Witt, Gott. Morris, Mr˙ Jay.

Mr˙ Duer being absent, Mr˙ Jay was chosen Chairman of this Committee.

Mr˙ Jay communicated to the Committee a Letter from Colonel Huntington to this Committee, informing them that he had sent several Prisoners, whose names and crimes were specified in a paper enclosed; which is as follows: Wm˙ and Jon' n Underbill, confined by General Sullivan, for not signing the Association, and swearing allegiance to his Britannick Majesty. John Beger and John Acker, General Lee, on suspicion of corresponding with the enemy. Ms˙ Valentine, — Gen˙ Lee; an active Tory.
Pebody Stanmore, —
Jacob Jewel, — Gen˙ Lee; an active Tory.
Samuel Miller, John Prior James McCord,Elisha Meritt, Gen˙ Lee; suspected of aiding the enemy.

A Letter was received of the 11th Instant, from Joh' s Hardenbergh, Jr˙, in favour of Jos˙ Montgomery, one of the Prisoners.

Petrus Rosen, the Officer of the Guard, informs the Committee that Pebody Stanmore and John Davis, two of the Prisoners, are very sick.

Ordered, That Doct˙ Graham be requested to examine them, and report their condition to the Committee.

Gou˙ Morris informs the Committee that he had permitted Ms˙ Valentine and Underhill to go at large on their parole, to appear every day; and that the others are in the Guard-House, except some who had escaped.

Charles Haight, Jr˙, of North-Castle, being examined on oath, saith that he was sent here by the Committee of Bedford. That about two months ago he was enticed by Caleb Fowler, Jun˙, to go with him to Long-Island, the said Fowler telling him that if he staid, he would be taken up. That they went together to Byram; that they communicated their design to Stephen Lyon, son of John Lyon, at that place. That the said Lyon' s negroes carried them over to Musqueto Cove, from whence he again came over to Mamaroneck, at the time the enemy were there. That Fowler went to the enemy on Long-Island. That on their way to Byram, they staid a night at Jonathan Miller' s, in King Street, and the next night at James Brundige' s, who both entertained them, and knew where they were going. That Stephen Lyon looked out for a canoe for them. That he saw Rogers' s Rangers at Mamaroneck; that William Underhill, Jr˙, of Cortland Manor, was a Captain among them, and had brought several men with him, as he understood among them; and that Underbill told him he was going home. That he also saw among them Samuel Kip, of North-Castle, who told the examinant that he was a Lieutenant, and was going home also.


Sworn 11 December, 1776. JOHN JAY.