Letter from Albany


The Letter from Albany, of the 16th instant, was again read, and follows, viz:

"Albany Committee Chamber, September 16, 1776.

"GENTLEMEN: We are informed that General Schuyler has sent in his resignation to Congress, a circumstance truly alarming to the inhabitants of this city, and we fear will be very detrimental to the publick cause. His conduct as a General, his indefatigable assiduity on all occasions, are so very conspicuous, that we cannot help expressing the deepest concern.

"We are fully sensible, and time will evince, that the effects of his resignation will be severely felt in the Northern department, as we are well assured no person can be found to succeed him, capable of holding so honourable an office, that has a sufficient influence to conduct matters in the manner he has done, with such feeble supports.

"This clay a Committee of this Board waited on his Honour, requesting to know the reason of his resigning. His answer was, that such inattention was paid to his remonstrances to Congress, and such calumnies thrown out against him, that, consistent with the character of a gentleman, he could not do otherwise.

"We are very unhappy to think that Congress should pay so little regard to the character of a gentleman whose conduct, we are well assured, merits the approbation of every well-wisher to this much-injured country.

"From what we have already heard, we can inform you, as a fact, that many resignations will follow his in a short time, as well in the Militia and Civil as in the Military departments.

"It is unnecessary for us, we presume, to expatiate on the great abilities which he possesses, as part of his conduct has manifested it more fully than we can possibly express.


"From a full conviction of the above facts, we do instruct you, that you lay this letter before the Convention of this State, and desire you' ll use your influence to have the sense of this Board transmitted to Congress on this occasion.

"We are, gentlemen, yonr very humble servants,

"By order: JOHN BARCLAY, Chairman.

"To the Deputies of the County of Albany, in Convention of the State of New-York."