Letter from Hugh Hughes, Assistant Quarter master-General, September 17



Wednesday Afternoon, September 18, 1776.

The Committee of Safety met.

Present: Abraham Yates, Jun˙, Esq˙, Chairman.

For NEW-YORK˙ — *Mr˙ Bancker, *Mr˙ Duane.

For WESTCHESTER˙ — Mr˙ Haviland, Colonel Drake, Colonel Cortlandt.

For ALBANY˙ — *Mr˙ Abm˙ Yates, *General Ten Broeck, Mr˙ Robert Yates, Mr˙ Ten Broeck.

For CHARLOTTE˙ — *Mr˙ Duer.

For SUFFOLK˙ — *Mr˙ Smith, Mr˙ Hobart.

For TRYON˙ — Mr˙ Harper, Mr˙ Moore.

For ORANGE˙ — Dr˙ Sherwood, Colonel Allison, *Mr˙ Wisner, Mr˙ Smith.

Those names marked with an asterism are the Members appointed to constitute the Committee of Safety.

A Letter from Hugh Hughes, Assistant Quartermaster-General, by express, dated yesterday, at Head-Quarters, near King' s Bridge, was received and read. He, at the request of General Washington, informs the Convention that two Albany skippers have deserted the service without unloading their cargoes. The one named Brooks has such utensils for supplying the army with soap and candles that the business cannot be carried on without them. The other, named Rolf or Roff, has ammunition on board, besides sundry articles belonging to the Quartermaster-General' s department, it is said. Mr˙ Hughes, by directions of the General, gives this information that a suitable remedy may be timely applied.

The said Letter being taken into immediate consideration, thereupon,

Resolved, That a copy of the Letter received from Mr˙ Hugh Hughes be immediately sent by express to the Chairman of the Committee of Albany, and that the said Committee be requested to send back all the property belonging to the Continent contained in the said Sloops; and to inquire into the conduct of Captain Roff and Captain Brooks, and transmit a state of facts to this Convention, taking good security of the said Roff and Brooks to abide by the future order of this Convention in the premises.

Ordered, That a copy of the above Resolution be transmitted to Mr˙ Hughes.