Colonel Thomas informed the Committee that he had in his hands the sum of £251 12s˙, being part of the interest of the Loan-Office money due from the County of Westchester, and prays to know the opinion of the Committee with respect to the disposal of it.

Thereupon, Resolved and Ordered, That the said Colonel Thomas pay the above sum into the hands of the President of this Committee, and that the President give his receipt and pay the same to the Treasurer of this State; and that this order shall be considered by the Supervisors of Westchester County as a voucher for the sum so paid, in as full and ample manner as if the same had been paid to Abraham Lott, Esq˙, the late Treasurer of this State.

General Clinton informed the Committee that a considerable number of the Cartridges which were lately ordered from Norwood' s Store, in New-York, to his encampment, were damaged by the rain in coming up the river to King' s Bridge, and prayed to know the sense of the Committee with respect to the disposal of them.

Ordered, That General Clinton be requested to send the damaged Powder contained in the said Cartridges to the Powder-Mills of John R˙ Livingston, Esq˙, in Dutchess County, who is desired to remanufacture the same, and that this Committee pledge the publick faith for the defraying the contingent expenses.