Letter from General Gates to Governour Trumbull



Ticonderoga, September 30, 1776.

SIR: I am just now honoured by the receipt of your Excellency' s letter of the 25th instant, from Lebanon. I am happy to find your Excellency agree with me in sentiment in respect to the officers who ought to have commanded in the Continental Regiments, intended in future to compose the army of the United States. It shall not be my fault if your Excellency is not acquainted in time with the merits and demerits of those from the State of Connecticut, who have served under my command this campaign. If the worthy are not regarded, and the unworthy disregarded, the consequences are evident.

I am exceedingly ignorant of what has passed at New-York, having never received a line from General Washington, since fighting took place there. And although Congress pays some attention to my demands, I have not received a line from the President since that of the 8th of July.

The plan for raising the new army is not yet come to my hands. That is a business of the last importance. I sent Mr˙ Hancock some time ago a scheme of mine for the establishment thereof.

General Waterbury sails to-morrow morning with the two remaining row-galleys. Captain Warner, in the Trumbull, must have joined our fleet off Isle Valcour on Saturday. We had a violent storm last night; but as General Arnold


told me in his letter of the 21st instant, that he had a secure harbour within his reach, I am not very apprehensive for the safety of the fleet.

I have ordered a bridge to be built over Otter Creek, at Rutland, and a good road to be cut from the east side of Mount Independence, to join the road at Castleton. The bridge is almost finished, and the road will in about a week be completed thither. Your State and that of Massachusetts will do themselves and the publick great service, in making the roads that lead westward to Rutland as good as possible. For further particulars, I must refer your Excellency to Colonel Trumbull, who writes by this conveyance.

With great respect, I am, sir, your Excellency' s most obedient, humble servant,


To Governour Trumbull.