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1 Letter from the Earl of Dartmouth to the Governour of North-Carolina. Advises him to embody the men in Guilford, Dobbs, Rowan, and Surry Counties, in ... S4-V2-P01-sp19-D0047, S4-V2-P01-sp19-D0047
2 Governour Browne's reasons, as presented to the King, for an immediate Civil Government in the British Dominions adjoining to the River Mississippi, i ... S4-V2-P01-sp32-D0316, S4-V2-P01-sp32-D0316
3 List of the Delegates appointed to the Congress, Names of the Members who attended this day, Samuel Johnston chosen President, and Andrew Knox appoint ... S4-V3-P01-sp04-D0002, S4-V3-P01-sp04-D0002
4 Letter from Newbern, North-Carolina. There has been a Conference held with the Chiefs of the Regulators, who have some scruple about the Oath administ ... S4-V3-P01-sp16-D0123, S4-V3-P01-sp16-D0123
5 Report of the Committee on North-Carolina, considered and agreed to S4-V3-P01-sp40-D0112, S4-V3-P01-sp40-D0112
6 Extract of a Letter from Newbern, North-Carolina: Information has been received that the Tories and Regulators intend marching to Cross-Creek, and the ... S4-V4-P01-sp28-D0006, S4-V4-P01-sp28-D0006
7 Extract of a Letter from a Member of the Provincial Congress of North-Carolina to Colonel Robert Howe: Seven of the Leaders of the Regulators are just ... S4-V4-P01-sp33-D0001, S4-V4-P01-sp33-D0001
8 Letter from the Provincial Council of North-Carolina: Governour Martin has succeeded in exciting an insurrection, but everything is hoped from the bra ... S4-V5-P01-sp02-D0112, S4-V5-P01-sp02-D0112
9 Thanks of the Council to Colonel Moore, and Officers and Soldiers of every denomination, for effectually suppressing the dangerous insurrection of the ... S4-V5-P01-sp03-D0007, S4-V5-P01-sp03-D0007
10 Lott Strange and John Strange placed under bonds for importing British Goods contrary to the Continental Association, Farquard Campbell required to ap ... S4-V5-P01-sp03-D0010, S4-V5-P01-sp03-D0010
11 Militia now to be drafted not to serve longer than three months from the date of their inlistment Committee to state the accounts of the Province with ... S4-V5-P01-sp22-D0051, S4-V5-P01-sp22-D0051
12 Motion for an Address to the King for the Despatches from General Howe and Admiral Shuldham, Debate -- Duke of Manchester, Earl of Suffolk, Marquis of ... S4-V6-P01-sp28-D0001, S4-V6-P01-sp28-D0001