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1 Account of all the Proceedings in New-York, in relation to the Tea S4-V1-P03-sp01-D0024, S4-V1-P03-sp01-D0024
2 Letter from the Boston Committee, in reply to one from sundry Gentlemen in New-York. Thanks for their unsolicited offer of assistance. Letters counter ... S4-V1-P03-sp07-D0019, S4-V1-P03-sp07-D0019
3 Address to the Inhabitants of the Province of South Carolina, about to assemble on the 6th of July S4-V1-P03-sp15-D0005, S4-V1-P03-sp15-D0005
4 The British American, No. 7 S4-V1-P03-sp15-D0043, S4-V1-P03-sp15-D0043
5 Meeting of the Committees from every Town and District, in the County of Middlesex, and Province of Massachusetts Bay, Committee appointed to consider ... S4-V1-P03-sp25-D0021, S4-V1-P03-sp25-D0021
6 Address to the Inhabitants of New-York S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0034, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0034
7 Committee to publish the names of the Mandamus Counsellors and others, who have acted under commissions derived from the Act of Parliament S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0015, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0015
8 Address to the People of Halifax County, in Virginia S4-V1-P03-sp32-D0014, S4-V1-P03-sp32-D0014
9 Address to the People of New-Jersey. Condemns the Resolutions of the Congress. There are no instances of Laws so severe, or any regulations so inimica ... S4-V1-P03-sp36-D0050, S4-V1-P03-sp36-D0050
10 Address to the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of the Towns and Districts of Massachusetts Bay S4-V1-P03-sp37-D0020, S4-V1-P03-sp37-D0020
11 Reply to the Address to the People of New-Jersey, dated November 19th S4-V1-P03-sp40-D0117, S4-V1-P03-sp40-D0117
12 Proceedings of the Convention for the Province of Pennsylvania, held at Philadelphia, January 23d, and continued by adjournments, until the 28th. List ... S4-V1-P03-sp46-D0012, S4-V1-P03-sp46-D0012
13 Letter from the Earl of Darmouth to the Governour of Georgia. Laments that the People of Georgia, Hitherto so Loyal, Have Manifested a Disposition to ... S4-V2-P01-sp01-D0020, S4-V2-P01-sp01-D0020
14 Letter from a Gentleman in Philadelphia to his Friend in Williamsburgh, Virginia. There has been a complete revolution in New-York. The Province is ar ... S4-V2-P01-sp27-D0024, S4-V2-P01-sp27-D0024
15 Proposed vindication and offer to Parliament, drawn up in a Committee of Congress, (by Dr. Franklin) S4-V2-P01-sp32-D0490, S4-V2-P01-sp32-D0490
16 Address to the Governour, reported by the Committee appointed on Thursday last, the 15th instant,Agreed to, and Committee appointed to present it S4-V2-P01-sp38-D0059, S4-V2-P01-sp38-D0059
17 Resolutions adopted unanimously, declaring their rights, their allegiance to the King, their union with the Colonies, and their determination to enfor ... S4-V2-P01-sp43-D0009, S4-V2-P01-sp43-D0009
18 Address to the Inhabitants of Massachusetts S4-V3-P01-sp16-D0066, S4-V3-P01-sp16-D0066
19 Debate in the Irish Commons, on the application of the King for Troops to send to America S4-V3-P01-sp34-D0022, S4-V3-P01-sp34-D0022
20 Letter from a Clergyman in Maryland to the Earl of Dartmouth S4-V4-P01-sp12-D0013, S4-V4-P01-sp12-D0013
21 The Monitor, No. 9: Showing it has been, and still is, the intention of the Ministry to reduce the Colonies to a state of absolute subjection to the a ... S4-V4-P01-sp16-D0057, S4-V4-P01-sp16-D0057
22 An earnest Appeal to the People: The whole scene appears rapidly advancing towards Independence, as hastily as Infinite Wisdom thinks proper to conduc ... S4-V4-P01-sp26-D0077, S4-V4-P01-sp26-D0077
23 Remarks on the paragraphs from Lord Dunmore's Virginia Gazette, printed on board his own Ship. S4-V4-P01-sp31-D0025, S4-V4-P01-sp31-D0025
24 Copies of the Publications made by Mr. Button S4-V4-P01-sp37-D0058, S4-V4-P01-sp37-D0058
25 Copies of the Publications made by Mr. Button S4-V4-P01-sp37-D0059, S4-V4-P01-sp37-D0059
26 Letter from a Committee in Nova-Scotia dated February 8th, to General Washington asking for assistance that they may have an opportunity of joining th ... S4-V5-P01-sp02-D0003, S4-V5-P01-sp02-D0003
27 An Address to the Inhabitants of New-York advising an open assertion of Independence with manly boldness S4-V5-P01-sp13-D0216, S4-V5-P01-sp13-D0216
28 Presentments of the Grand Jury S4-V5-P01-sp15-D0196, S4-V5-P01-sp15-D0196
29 Mr. Penn's examination by the House S4-V6-P01-sp08-D0004, S4-V6-P01-sp08-D0004
30 Examination of Whitehead Hicks, Mr. Hicks allowed until the 24th to consider the parole tendered him by the Committee S4-V6-P02-sp14-D0011, S4-V6-P02-sp14-D0011
31 Form of Warrant to be issued against such persons of equivocal character as may refuse or neglect to appear on summons, Form of Summons to persons ini ... S4-V6-P02-sp14-D0040, S4-V6-P02-sp14-D0040
32 A. B S4-V6-P02-sp14-D0050, S4-V6-P02-sp14-D0050
33 Petition of Jacob Barker and others, a Committee on behalf of the inhabitants of the river St. John's, in Nova-Scotia, May 21, to the Provincial Congr ... S5-V1-P01-sp06-D0959, S5-V1-P01-sp06-D0959
34 An Ordinance for punishing persons guilty of certain offences therein mentioned against the United States of America S5-V2-P01-sp01-D0072, S5-V2-P01-sp01-D0072
35 Judge Drayton's Charge to the Grand Jury of Charleston, South-Carolina S5-V2-P01-sp25-D0358, S5-V2-P01-sp25-D0358
36 Letter of Hopestill Capon S5-V3-P01-sp16-D0001, S5-V3-P01-sp16-D0001
37 An Address of the Convention of the Representatives of the State of New-York to their constituents S5-V3-P03-sp03-D0312, S5-V3-P03-sp03-D0312