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1 Town Meeting in Boston. Circular Letter to the Towns relative to the Bills for vacating the Charter of Massachusetts S4-V1-P03-sp21-D0028, S4-V1-P03-sp21-D0028
2 Letter from Governour Gage to the Earl of Dartmouth. The whole Province in commotion popular fury never greater than at present. In Worcester they kee ... S4-V1-P03-sp25-D0010, S4-V1-P03-sp25-D0010
3 Meeting of Freeholders in Boston. Instructions to Delegates in Provincial Congress S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0003, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0003
4 Address delivered to the Inhabitants of a County in Virginia, assembled for the purpose of choosing Deputies to represent them in Colony Convention S4-V2-P01-sp42-D0005, S4-V2-P01-sp42-D0005