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1 Declaration of Independence, July 4 S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0030, S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0030
2 Committee to revise the Constitution or Form of Government, Leave given to bring in an ordinance for opening and improving the inland navigation in th ... S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0178, S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0178
3 Report of the Committee to whom it was referred to revise the Constitution S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0186, S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0186
4 Further proceedings on amending the Constitution S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0203, S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0203
5 Further proceedings on amendments to the Constitution S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0205, S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0205
6 Report of the Committee appointed to revise the Constitution, as amended by the House and agreed to S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0210, S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0210
7 Resolution approving the Declaration of Independence S5-V3-P01-sp15-D0001, S5-V3-P01-sp15-D0001
8 Instructions to the Representatives of the city of Philadelphia, to be published for consideration previous to a Town-meeting S5-V3-P01-sp20-D0028, S5-V3-P01-sp20-D0028