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1 Letter II, to the Inhabitants of the British Colonies in America. An examination of the Acts relating to America S4-V1-P03-sp11-D0030, S4-V1-P03-sp11-D0030
2 The British American, No. 5 S4-V1-P03-sp13-D0012, S4-V1-P03-sp13-D0012
3 A Summary View of the Rights of British America, set forth in some Resolutions intended for the inspection of the present Delegates of the People of V ... S4-V1-P03-sp23-D0004, S4-V1-P03-sp23-D0004
4 Allegiance is due to the King of Great Britain, as the rightful Sovereign of his Province, We claim no more than the rights of Englishmen, and it is o ... S4-V1-P03-sp24-D0003, S4-V1-P03-sp24-D0003
5 Resolution of the Committee of the Whole reported to the House. Lord North's motion to agree to the Resolution. Debate--Mr. Scott. Mr. Ackland. Mr. Te ... S4-V1-P04-sp08-D0006, S4-V1-P04-sp08-D0006
6 Oration Delivered at the Request of the Inhabitants of Boston, to Commemorate the Bloody Tragedy of the 5th of March, 1770, by Doctor Joseph Warren S4-V2-P01-sp01-D0041, S4-V2-P01-sp01-D0041
7 Address to the Inhabitants of Massachusetts Bay, No 6, from the County of Hampshire. The question examined, Whether we are in truth a part of the Brit ... S4-V2-P01-sp07-D0026, S4-V2-P01-sp07-D0026
8 Speech to the Six Nations of Indians, read, debated, and agreed to S4-V2-P01-sp51-D0116, S4-V2-P01-sp51-D0116
9 Address to the People of Ireland, considered and agreed to S4-V2-P01-sp51-D0139, S4-V2-P01-sp51-D0139
10 Letter from Richard Henderson to Cunningham Cotbett, dated July 30, 1774 S4-V3-P01-sp01-D0090, S4-V3-P01-sp01-D0090
11 Letter from Germany to a Gentleman in Philadelphia. The undaunted firmness of the American Congress is highly approved in Germany S4-V3-P01-sp01-D0127, S4-V3-P01-sp01-D0127
12 Address to the Inhabitants of the British Empire, presented by Mr. Hooper, and adopted unanimously S4-V3-P01-sp04-D0022, S4-V3-P01-sp04-D0022
13 Petition of Joseph Johnson, a Mohegan Indian, to the New-York Congress S4-V3-P01-sp10-D0014, S4-V3-P01-sp10-D0014
14 Address of the Commissioners continued S4-V3-P01-sp11-D0008, S4-V3-P01-sp11-D0008
15 Address of the Gentlemen, Clergy, Merchants, Manufacturers, and principal Inhabitants of the Town and neighbourhood of Manchester, in the County Palat ... S4-V3-P01-sp16-D0069, S4-V3-P01-sp16-D0069
16 An Address to the People, reviewing the state of affairs, pointing out the courses proper to be pursued for defence of the Colonies, and for their suc ... S4-V3-P01-sp20-D0007, S4-V3-P01-sp20-D0007
17 Address to the People of Pennsylvania, on Independence, and a separation from Great Britain S4-V3-P01-sp20-D0161, S4-V3-P01-sp20-D0161
18 Proceedings of the House of Delegates of the Colony of Transylvania, at Boonsborough, May 27, 1775 S4-V4-P01-sp16-D0036, S4-V4-P01-sp16-D0036
19 Questions and Answers on the Independence of the Colonies S4-V4-P01-sp28-D0081, S4-V4-P01-sp28-D0081
20 Letter addressed to Cato, Cassandra, and all the writers on the Independent controversy S4-V5-P01-sp08-D0313, S4-V5-P01-sp08-D0313
21 Petition of the Inhabitants and some of the intended Settlers of the part of North-America now denomianted Transylvania to the Convention of Virginia S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0232, S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0232
22 Report on the Letter of Joseph Woodward, an the Petition of the Inhabitants of the New-Hampshire Grants S4-V6-P02-sp28-D0030, S4-V6-P02-sp28-D0030
23 Petition from the Committee of the Settlements of Watauga and Holstein, to the North-Carolina Council of Safety S5-V1-P01-sp06-D1909, S5-V1-P01-sp06-D1909
24 Letter from General Lee to the Governour of Cape Francois: It is for the interest as well as the glory of France to furnish us with means of supportin ... S5-V1-P01-sp06-D2211, S5-V1-P01-sp06-D2211
25 Petition from the Committee of the Settlements of Watauga and Holstein, called by them the Washington District, Officers and soldiers of Virginia and ... S5-V1-P01-sp09-D0050, S5-V1-P01-sp09-D0050
26 Vote of Petersham (Massachusetts) Town Meeting, on the question whether they will consent that the present General Court shall form a Constitution of ... S5-V2-P01-sp09-D0079, S5-V2-P01-sp09-D0079
27 Aug 16, Petition of Jeremiah Colburn and Joshua Eayre, of Penobscot river S5-V2-P01-sp22-D0002, S5-V2-P01-sp22-D0002
28 Judge Drayton's Charge to the Grand Jury of Charleston, South-Carolina S5-V2-P01-sp25-D0358, S5-V2-P01-sp25-D0358
29 Proceedings of Convention of the Representatives from the several Counties and Towns of the New-Hampshire Grants, holden at Westminster S5-V2-P01-sp27-D0315, S5-V2-P01-sp27-D0315
30 An Address of the Convention of the Representatives of the State of New-York to their constituents S5-V3-P03-sp03-D0312, S5-V3-P03-sp03-D0312