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1 Vote of Thanks to the Assembly of Jamaica, for their seasonable Mediation in favour of the Colonies on the Continent S4-V2-P01-sp02-D0003, S4-V2-P01-sp02-D0003
2 Letter from the Speaker of the House of Assembly of Connecticut to the Speaker of the House of Assembly of Jamaica, enclosing the Vote of Thanks S4-V2-P01-sp02-D0004, S4-V2-P01-sp02-D0004
3 Resolution approving of the Continental Association, and binding the Members of, his Convention to adhere to it, All the Members subscribe this Resolu ... S4-V2-P01-sp10-D0003, S4-V2-P01-sp10-D0003
4 Thomas Macknight, a Delegate for Currituck County, called upon to sign the Continental Association, refuses, and withdraws from the Convention, Resolu ... S4-V2-P01-sp10-D0004, S4-V2-P01-sp10-D0004
5 Recommendation of the Provincial Congress of Massachusetts to the People, to assist the Inhabitants in removing from Boston S4-V2-P01-sp11-D0066, S4-V2-P01-sp11-D0066
6 Provincial Convention of New-York, List of Deputies, Credentials of the Deputies for New-York, Albany and Ulster Counties, Credentials for Orange Coun ... S4-V2-P01-sp12-D0001, S4-V2-P01-sp12-D0001
7 Provincial Convention of New-York, Credentials from Queen's County, Poll Lists for Jamaica, in Queen's County, Presented by Mr. Robinson, Credentials ... S4-V2-P01-sp12-D0002, S4-V2-P01-sp12-D0002
8 Provincial Convention of New-York, Instruction to the Delegates to the Continental Congress, Convention Dissolved S4-V2-P01-sp12-D0003, S4-V2-P01-sp12-D0003
9 Maryland Convention, Matthew Tilghman in the Chair, and Gabriel Duvall Appointed Clerk, George the Third is the Rightful Sovereign of Great Britain an ... S4-V2-P01-sp14-D0001, S4-V2-P01-sp14-D0001
10 Letter from the Massachusetts Committee of Safety to the Committee of Albany, New-York S4-V2-P01-sp21-D0002, S4-V2-P01-sp21-D0002
11 Committee to consider the expediency of raising a Company or two of Indians, All persons required to give Rev. Mr. Gordon free access to the Prisoners ... S4-V2-P01-sp31-D0087, S4-V2-P01-sp31-D0087
12 Report of Committee to authorize the establishment of a Court of Inquiry, to hear and decide on complaints against any person for treason against the ... S4-V2-P01-sp31-D0095, S4-V2-P01-sp31-D0095
13 Committee of Safety elected S4-V2-P01-sp31-D0111, S4-V2-P01-sp31-D0111
14 No Standing Army in the British Colonies: or an Address to the Inhabitants of the Colony of New-York, against unlawful Standing Armies S4-V2-P01-sp32-D0081, S4-V2-P01-sp32-D0081
15 Letter from the Massachusetts Committee of Safety to the Provincial Congress, requesting that measures may be taken to obtain the names and places of ... S4-V2-P01-sp32-D0387, S4-V2-P01-sp32-D0387
16 Report of Committee on the Services of Mr. James Wood S4-V4-P01-sp05-D0078, S4-V4-P01-sp05-D0078
17 Debate -- Mr. Burke, Wellbore Ellis, Sir George Savile, Sir Grey Cooper, Lord Ossury, Lord John Cavendish, Mr. Fitzpatrick, Governour Pownall, Lord Ge ... S4-V6-P01-sp12-D0001, S4-V6-P01-sp12-D0001
18 House of Commons, Dec. 21, Bill and Amendments received from the Lords and considered, Debate -- Mr. Hartley, Sir Joseph Mawbey, Mr. Bayley, Governour ... S4-V6-P01-sp13-D0014, S4-V6-P01-sp13-D0014
19 Debate -- Mr. Hartley, Sir George Savile, Lord North, Mr. Burke, Lord John Cavendish, Mr. Sawbridge, Lord North, Governour Johnstone, Colonel Morris, ... S4-V6-P01-sp16-D0001, S4-V6-P01-sp16-D0001
20 Fourth Letter from the Forester on the state of affairs in Pennsylvania S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0015, S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0015
21 New-York Committee request the inhabitants of the City and County to decide by an election, on the 17th instant, on the propriety of establishing a ne ... S4-V6-P02-sp08-D0010, S4-V6-P02-sp08-D0010