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1 Letter from General Schuyler to General Washington. The Connecticut Troops, under General Wooster, are encamped within two miles of New-York. No prepa ... S4-V2-P01-sp42-D0007, S4-V2-P01-sp42-D0007
2 Letter from the Congress of Massachusetts to the Assembly of Connecticut, requesting the embargo in Connecticut may be taken off, so far as to permit ... S4-V2-P01-sp42-D0011, S4-V2-P01-sp42-D0011
3 Letter from General Folsom to the New-Hampshire Committee of Safety S4-V2-P01-sp42-D0013, S4-V2-P01-sp42-D0013
4 Letter from the New-York Congress to the Committee of Albany, with fifty quarter casks of gunpowder, sent by the Continental Congree for the use of th ... S4-V2-P01-sp42-D0023, S4-V2-P01-sp42-D0023
5 Letter from General Schuyler to the Continental Congress. The People called Green Mountain Boys are the inhabitants of the north eastern parts of Alba ... S4-V2-P01-sp42-D0027, S4-V2-P01-sp42-D0027
6 Letter to the Continental Congress, from Walter Spooner, one of the Committee from the Massachusetts Congress to Ticonderoga. It is of the utmost impo ... S4-V2-P01-sp42-D0037, S4-V2-P01-sp42-D0037