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1 Letter from J. Trumbull, Jun., to his Brother, at Cambridge S4-V2-P01-sp29-D0091, S4-V2-P01-sp29-D0091
2 Letter from General Montgomery to General Schuyler: Has arrived before Ouebeck with about three hundred men, proposes to amuse Mr. Carleton with a for ... S4-V4-P01-sp06-D0096, S4-V4-P01-sp06-D0096
3 Letter from General Howe to the Earl of Dartmouth: His advice is to leave the Southern Provinces, in the fullest persuasion of their Security, until t ... S4-V4-P01-sp20-D0010, S4-V4-P01-sp20-D0010
4 Encouragement to John Archer and James Harris to undertake a Flax or Hemp Manufactory S4-V4-P01-sp21-D0049, S4-V4-P01-sp21-D0049
5 Letter from Joseph Reed to General Washington: Expects to be with him this summer, Arnold is to be intrusted with the affairs of Canada, no arrivals o ... S4-V5-P01-sp02-D0085, S4-V5-P01-sp02-D0085
6 Letter from Lord George Germaine to General Howe, informing him of the additional force he may expect from England this year: The whole, probably incl ... S4-V5-P01-sp08-D0260, S4-V5-P01-sp08-D0260
7 Committee on an application of Doctor Morgan, Director-General.of the Continental Hospital, Commissioners for Fortifications in the Highlands, directe ... S4-V6-P02-sp21-D0095, S4-V6-P02-sp21-D0095
8 Letter from Brigadier-General Clinton S5-V1-P01-sp15-D0003, S5-V1-P01-sp15-D0003
9 Recruiting Instructions, October 11 S5-V2-P01-sp25-D0236, S5-V2-P01-sp25-D0236
10 Letter from Captain Richard Smith to Maryland Council of Safety: List of men now enrolled under his command S5-V2-P01-sp25-D0361, S5-V2-P01-sp25-D0361
11 Letter from the President of Congress, September 24 S5-V3-P01-sp04-D0020, S5-V3-P01-sp04-D0020
12 Letter from Comfort Sands, asking directions for settling the half bounty of Captain Belknap's Company S5-V3-P01-sp07-D0105, S5-V3-P01-sp07-D0105