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1 General Return of the Army S5-V3-P03-sp01-D0013, S5-V3-P03-sp01-D0013
2 Return of commissioned and non-commissioned officers, rank and file, killed, wounded, and missing , belonging to the Army under the command of his Exc ... S5-V3-P03-sp01-D0066, S5-V3-P03-sp01-D0066
3 Return of the six Independent Companies and First Regiment of Maryland Regulars, in the service of the United States, commanded by Major Gist S5-V3-P03-sp01-D0126, S5-V3-P03-sp01-D0126
4 List of officers of Infantry and Light-Troops destined to serve the United States of North America, December 1 S5-V3-P03-sp01-D0147, S5-V3-P03-sp01-D0147
5 List of officers of Infantry and Light-Troops, destined to serve in the Armies of the States General of North America, December 7 S5-V3-P03-sp01-D0149, S5-V3-P03-sp01-D0149
6 A Return of the First Pennsylvania Regiment of Foot in the service of the United States of America, commanded by Colonel John P. De Haas S5-V3-P03-sp01-D0227, S5-V3-P03-sp01-D0227
7 Return of the Forces in the service of the States of America, encamped and in quarters on the banks of the Delaware, in the State of Pennsylvania, und ... S5-V3-P03-sp03-D0341, S5-V3-P03-sp03-D0341
8 A list of the Officers in Colonel Nicoll's regiment who have not received commissions for the service of this campaign S5-V3-P03-sp03-D0442, S5-V3-P03-sp03-D0442
9 Return of the Forces of the United States of America which compose the garrisons of Ticonderoga and Mount Independence, under command of Colonel Antho ... S5-V3-P03-sp06-D0045, S5-V3-P03-sp06-D0045