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1 Letter from Isaac Nicoll to John McKesson S5-V3-P03-sp01-D0394, S5-V3-P03-sp01-D0394
2 Letter from Isaac Nicoll to John McKesson: In the situation the enemy is now in, in the Jerseys, a fatal stroke may be struck. The secret expedition t ... S5-V3-P03-sp03-D0084, S5-V3-P03-sp03-D0084
3 Letter from Thomas Moffat to John McKesson: Yesterday went on board the enemy's flag at Verplanck's Point and delivered the letter of the Convention t ... S5-V3-P03-sp03-D0085, S5-V3-P03-sp03-D0085
4 Letter from Major Moffat to John McKesson S5-V3-P03-sp03-D0441, S5-V3-P03-sp03-D0441