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1 Letter from General Schyler' to the President of Congress S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0055, S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0055
2 Letter from Dr. Stringer to General Washingtion, requesting he may be furnished an additional number of Assistants, and more medicines, for the Northe ... S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0056, S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0056
3 Letter from General Schuyler to General Washington: The Troops are leaving Albany, but get away very slowly S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0088, S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0088
4 Letter from R. Derby, Jun., to Thomas Cushing, requesting Cannon, etc., maybe furnished for the new armed vessels at Salem S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0155, S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0155
5 Letter from General Washington to the President of Congress S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0172, S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0172
6 General Orders, May 13 S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0217, S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0217
7 Letter from Colonel James Clinton to General Washington S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0291, S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0291
8 Letter from the Baltimore Committee to the Maryland Council of Safety S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0412, S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0412
9 Letter from Colonel Livingston to the New-York Congress, requesting an Armourer may be appointed for the Post in the Highlands S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0469, S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0469
10 Letter from Colonel Bayley to General WaShington: A road from Newbury to St. John's will be completed in about twenty days S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0474, S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0474
11 Address of the General Committee of Mechanicks in Union, of New-York, to the Provincial Congress, requesting them to instruct their Delegates in the C ... S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0483, S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0483
12 Answer to the Address by the Provincial Congress, June 4 S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0484, S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0484
13 Petition of Thomas Loosley and Thomas Elms, Paper makers, to the New-York Provincial Congress, to be exempted from military service S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0485, S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0485
14 May 23 S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0527, S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0527
15 May 24 S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0528, S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0528
16 May 28 S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0533, S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0533
17 Letter from General Schuyler to General Washington: The disagreeable accounts heretofore transmitted from Canada, he hopes, will be the last. A number ... S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0541, S4-V6-P02-sp01-D0541
18 Accounts of James Rice, for fitting out the brig Defence, and building the Row-Galley S4-V6-P02-sp02-D0002, S4-V6-P02-sp02-D0002
19 Return of Persons Employed at Fort Montgomery S4-V6-P02-sp04-D0017, S4-V6-P02-sp04-D0017
20 Return of Persons Employed at Fort Constitution S4-V6-P02-sp04-D0018, S4-V6-P02-sp04-D0018
21 Number of Persons Proposed to be Employed at Both Posts S4-V6-P02-sp04-D0019, S4-V6-P02-sp04-D0019
22 Fort Montgomery S4-V6-P02-sp04-D0020, S4-V6-P02-sp04-D0020
23 Returns of Persons Employed in Carrying on both the Works S4-V6-P02-sp04-D0021, S4-V6-P02-sp04-D0021