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1 The Assembly met. Pursuant to their adjournment, on the 23d of July S4-V1-P03-sp26-D0001, S4-V1-P03-sp26-D0001
2 Letter from Dr. Franklin, dated London, May 7, laid before the House S4-V1-P03-sp26-D0002, S4-V1-P03-sp26-D0002
3 Governour has no business to lay before the House S4-V1-P03-sp26-D0003, S4-V1-P03-sp26-D0003
4 Message from the Governour. The Indian Disturbances not vet at an end. The Governour of Virginia is still prosecuting an Expedition against the Shawan ... S4-V1-P03-sp26-D0004, S4-V1-P03-sp26-D0004
5 One hundred Rangers to be kept in pay until the 14th of October S4-V1-P03-sp26-D0005, S4-V1-P03-sp26-D0005
6 Answer to the Governour's Message S4-V1-P03-sp26-D0006, S4-V1-P03-sp26-D0006
7 The Treasurer ordered to pay the Overseers of the Poor of Philadelphia, one hundred Pounds for the support of the French Neutrals S4-V1-P03-sp26-D0007, S4-V1-P03-sp26-D0007
8 Letter from Governour Gage to the Earl of Dartmouth. The Country People are exercising in Arms. In Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, and t ... S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0001, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0001
9 Resolutions adopted at a Convention of Committees for the County of Worcester, Massachusetts, held by adjournment on the 29th of August, and continued ... S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0002, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0002
10 Meeting of Freeholders in Boston. Instructions to Delegates in Provincial Congress S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0003, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0003
11 Convention of the several Towns of the County of Cumberland, in Massachusetts, Sheriff of the County required to attend the Convention, He subscribes ... S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0004, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0004
12 Report presented by the committee, and unanimously accepted S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0005, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0005
13 Meeting of the Selectmen and Committee of Correspondence of Boston. Consider it inexpedient for the Mechanicks, or other Inhabitants of the Town, to a ... S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0006, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0006
14 Letter from J. Warren to the Publick, with an Extract of a Letter from Samuel Adams, dated September 9th. Gentlemen of the established Church of Engla ... S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0007, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0007
15 Declaration of Freeholders and Inhabitants of the Town of Rye, in West-Chester County, New-York. They have not been concerned in any Resolutions enter ... S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0008, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0008
16 Apology of Abraham Miller and others, for signing the above Declaration S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0009, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0009
17 Apology of Timothy Wetmore, another subscriber, (Note) S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0010, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0010
18 Letter from the Committee of Mechanicks of Boston, dated September 8th, to the Committee of Mechanicks of New-York Resolutions of the Committee of Mec ... S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0011, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0011
19 Letter from Governour Gage to the Earl of Dartmouth. The Carpenters in New-York refuse to come to Boston to build the Barracks, but the Boston Artific ... S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0012, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0012
20 Account of the transactions at a Meeting of the Freeholders of the County of Middlesex, in England S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0013, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0013
21 Engagement signed by John Wilkes and John Glynn, at the Middlesex Meeting S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0014, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0014
22 Inhabitants of Worcester, in Massachusetts, from the age of sixteen to seventy, form themselves into Military Companies, and choose Officers S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0015, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0015
23 Application of Doctor Warren to General Gage, for information as to his intentions in erecting Fortifications and purchasing military Stores S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0016, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0016
24 Meeting of the Committees of Boston and the neighbouring Towns. Resolve that any person who may supply the Troops at Boston with any thing for the ann ... S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0017, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0017
25 Letter from the Joint Committees of Boston and the neighbouring Towns, to every Town and District in the Province S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0018, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0018
26 Letter from Colonel William Preston, at Fincastle, in Virginia. March of Virginia Troops to meet Lord Dunmore at the Great Kenhaws. Attacks of the Ind ... S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0019, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0019
27 Letter from Maryland to a Gentleman in London S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0020, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0020
28 Handbill published at New-York. Supply of the British Troops S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0021, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0021
29 Proclamation by Governour Gage. In consequence of the disordered state of the Province, will not meet the General Court at Salem, on the 5th of Octobe ... S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0022, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0022
30 Letter from the Committee of Correspondence of Boston, to the Continental Congress. Account of the attack upon the House of Joseph Scott. Upon the dis ... S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0023, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0023
31 Representation from a number of Inhabitants, signed by Joseph Totten S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0024, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0024
32 Proclamation by the King, for dissolving the Parliament, and calling another S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0025, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0025
33 Considerations on the propriety of adopting a general Non-Remittance, as one of the means of obtaining a repeal of the Boston Bills S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0026, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0026
34 Letter from Governour Gage to the Earl of Dartmouth. The other Colonies have espoused the cause of Massachusetts with great violence, though some are ... S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0027, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0027
35 Letter from Governour Penn to the Earl of Dartmouth. The Congress is sitting, but as they have agreed to keep their Proceedings secret, he can furnish ... S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0028, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0028
36 Letter from London to a Gentleman in New-York. The opinions of the People have become more favourable to the Americans. As the issue of the Congress w ... S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0029, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0029
37 Proceedings at a Meeting of the Livery of London, at Guildhall. The Candidates pledged, if elected to Parliament, to endeavour to procure a repeal of ... S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0030, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0030
38 Letter from Lieutenant Governour Colden to the Earl of Dartmouth. Several of the Counties in the Province refused to unite with the New-York Committee ... S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0031, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0031
39 Mr. Revere S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0032, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0032
40 Handbill received at New-York from Boston, Memorandums for a Report, on providing permanent Barracks for the Troops at Boston S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0033, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0033
41 Address to the Inhabitants of New-York S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0034, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0034
42 Importers agree not to put unreasonable advances on Goods, from the apprehension of a Non-Importation, will discourage all Engrossers, and will declin ... S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0035, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0035
43 Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Stamford, in Connecticut S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0036, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0036
44 Letter from London. Reasons why the Americans should persevere, and oppose with vigorous measures the Tyranny of the British Government S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0037, S4-V1-P03-sp27-D0037
45 Members elected to serve in the General Assembly of Massachusetts, meet at Salem S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0001, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0001
46 Their Resolutions on the refusal of the Governour to admit them to the usual oaths, Provincial Congress formed S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0002, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0002
47 Names of the Delegates from the several Towns, Adjourn to meet at Concord S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0003, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0003
48 The Provincial Congress meets at Concord, John Hancock elected President, and Benjamin Lincoln Secretary S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0004, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0004
49 Committee appointed to take into consideration the state of the Province S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0005, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0005
50 Address to the Governour reported by the Committee, read and accepted, with one dissenting voice only Committee to present Address to the Governour S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0006, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0006
51 Constables, Collectors of Taxes, Deputy Sheriffs, and Sheriffs, directed not to pay over Money but to retain it in their hands, subject to the order o ... S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0007, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0007
52 Massachusetts, Provincial Congress, October 17, 1774 S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0008, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0008
53 Answer of Governour Gage to the Address of the Provincial Congress, Referred to the Committee on the state of the Province S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0009, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0009
54 Letters said to be wrote by the Rev. Mr. Peters, referred to the same Committee S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0010, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0010
55 The Galleries ordered to be cleared, and the doors of the House to be kept shut during the Debates in the Congress, A Reply to be made to the Answer o ... S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0011, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0011
56 Reply to the Governour reported, read, and recommitted reported again, considered, and laid on the table S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0012, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0012
57 Report from the Committee appointed to inquire into the state and operations of the Army, Committee to consider what is necessary for the defence and ... S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0013, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0013
58 Resolution relative to the Counselors and others, who have acted in obedience to the late Act of Parliament, for altering the Government of Massachuse ... S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0014, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0014
59 Committee to publish the names of the Mandamus Counsellors and others, who have acted under commissions derived from the Act of Parliament S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0015, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0015
60 Committee to report a Non-Consumption Agreement relative to British and India Goods, Committee to examine Rivington's Newspaper, Resolution adopted, r ... S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0016, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0016
61 Consideration of the Report resumed, and recommitted, Consideration of the propriety of sending Agents to Canada, referred to the next meeting of the ... S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0017, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0017
62 Committee to consider of the most proper time to provide a stock of Powder, Ordnance, and Ordnance Stores for the Province, Committee on Non-Consumpti ... S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0018, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0018
63 Committee on Non-Consumption Agreement ordered to sit forthwith S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0019, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0019
64 Committee to inquire into the state of the Stores in the Commissary General's Office, Report on the quantity of Powder and Ordnance Stores necessary f ... S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0020, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0020
65 Report considered and adopted, Committee to consider what Military Exercise will be best for the People of the Province to adopt S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0021, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0021
66 Committee of Safety appointed, Five Commissaries appointed, Three General Officers appointed, Committee to sit during the recess of the Congress, appo ... S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0022, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0022
67 Receiver General appointed, Report of Committee on the state of the Province, relative to the removal of the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston from th ... S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0023, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0023
68 Report on a System of Military Exercise for the Province, Consideration of the state of the Executive Courts of the Province, referred to the next mee ... S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0024, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0024
69 Reply to the Governour's Answer agreed to, unanimously, and a Committee appointed to present it S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0025, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0025
70 Committee to publish certain parts of the Proceedings of the Congress, passed on the 26th and 28th S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0026, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0026
71 Two Members added to the Committee of Safety, Adjourned to the 23d of November S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0027, S4-V1-P03-sp28-D0027
72 Letter from Montreal, to a Gentleman in New-York. Opinions of the Inhabitants of Canada relative to the Quebeck Act S4-V1-P03-sp29-D0001, S4-V1-P03-sp29-D0001
73 General Meeting of the English Inhabitants of Montreal S4-V1-P03-sp29-D0002, S4-V1-P03-sp29-D0002
74 Letter from Eliphalet Dyer, Roger Sherman, and Silas Deane, to Governour Trumbull. -- Proceedings of the Congress S4-V1-P03-sp29-D0003, S4-V1-P03-sp29-D0003
75 Account of the arrest and imprisonment of Samuel Dyre, of Boston S4-V1-P03-sp29-D0004, S4-V1-P03-sp29-D0004
76 Proclamation of Governour Penn. Inhabitants and Magistrates of the contry west of Laurel Hill required to pay due obedience to the Laws of Pennsylvani ... S4-V1-P03-sp29-D0005, S4-V1-P03-sp29-D0005
77 General Committee of South Carolina recommend the non-importation of India Tea, and the non-exportation of any Arms or Ammunition whatsoever S4-V1-P03-sp29-D0006, S4-V1-P03-sp29-D0006
78 Letter from Sir James Wright to the Earl of Dartmouth. Protests and Dissents of the People in different parts of the Province, show that they are agai ... S4-V1-P03-sp29-D0007, S4-V1-P03-sp29-D0007
79 Address from the County of Worcester, in Massachusetts, to Governour Gage S4-V1-P03-sp29-D0008, S4-V1-P03-sp29-D0008
80 Answer of the Governour S4-V1-P03-sp29-D0009, S4-V1-P03-sp29-D0009
81 Meeting of the General Assembly of the English Colony of Connecticut, Towns in the Colour ordered to provide double the quantity of Powder, Balls, and ... S4-V1-P03-sp30-D0001, S4-V1-P03-sp30-D0001
82 Instructions and Regulations to the Overseers appointed by the Assembly for the Mohegan Indians. S4-V1-P03-sp30-D0002, S4-V1-P03-sp30-D0002
83 Memorial of Zebulon Butler and Joseph Sluman, Agents for the Town of Westmoreland S4-V1-P03-sp30-D0003, S4-V1-P03-sp30-D0003
84 Memorial of Ebenezer Hazard, of New-York S4-V1-P03-sp30-D0004, S4-V1-P03-sp30-D0004