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1 Ulterior Convention with the Hereditary Prince of Hesse Cassel, concluded April 25, 1776, presented to the House by Lord North S4-V6-P01-sp26-D0001, S4-V6-P01-sp26-D0001
2 Colonel Barr S4-V6-P01-sp27-D0001, S4-V6-P01-sp27-D0001
3 Motion for an Address to the King for the Despatches from General Howe and Admiral Shuldham, Debate -- Duke of Manchester, Earl of Suffolk, Marquis of ... S4-V6-P01-sp28-D0001, S4-V6-P01-sp28-D0001
4 Motion by Mr. Sawbridge, that the American Colonies grant Money to the Crown by their own Representatives, Debate -- Mr. Sawbridge, Mr. Alderman Olive ... S4-V6-P01-sp29-D0001, S4-V6-P01-sp29-D0001
5 Debate -- General Conway S4-V6-P01-sp30-D0001, S4-V6-P01-sp30-D0001
6 Letter from Earl of Hillsborough S4-V6-P01-sp30-D0002, S4-V6-P01-sp30-D0002
7 Lord John Cavendish, Lord North, Mr. Burke, Mr. Vyner, Lord North, Mr. Fox, Mr. Adam, Mr.T. Townshed, Lord George Germaine, Colonel Barr S4-V6-P01-sp30-D0003, S4-V6-P01-sp30-D0003
8 St. James Chronicle S4-V6-P01-sp30-D0004, S4-V6-P01-sp30-D0004
9 Mr. Hartley's motion for an Address to the King on the affairs of the Colonies S4-V6-P01-sp31-D0001, S4-V6-P01-sp31-D0001
10 The Speaker's Address to the King S4-V6-P01-sp31-D0002, S4-V6-P01-sp31-D0002
11 King's Speech to both Houses, Parliament prorogued S4-V6-P01-sp31-D0003, S4-V6-P01-sp31-D0003