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1 Letter from Edmund Pendleton to Richard Henry Lee: Movements of the Troops in Virginia, action at Kemp's Landing S4-V4-P01-sp03-D0048, S4-V4-P01-sp03-D0048
2 Declaration by the Virginia Convention, on Lord Dunmore's Proclamation, offering freedom to such able-bodied Slaves are willing to join him S4-V4-P01-sp06-D0255, S4-V4-P01-sp06-D0255
3 Letter from the Virginia Committee of Safety to Maryland Convention S4-V4-P01-sp14-D0066, S4-V4-P01-sp14-D0066
4 Letter from Edmund Pendleton to the Maryland Council of Safety: A fifty-gun Ship, just arrived, is lying with the Kingfisher off Old-Fort Point, below ... S4-V4-P01-sp26-D0025, S4-V4-P01-sp26-D0025