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1 Letter from Nathaniel Peaslee, Sergeant, declining the appointment of a Justice of the Superior Court S4-V4-P01-sp06-D0146, S4-V4-P01-sp06-D0146
2 Letter from Elbridge Gerry to Samuel Adams: A Continental General ought not to have any command of the Militia, it would lead a servant of the Governm ... S4-V4-P01-sp06-D0251, S4-V4-P01-sp06-D0251
3 Governour Martin having distributed a great number of Tory Pamphlets in the Western parts of the Province, where the People are not well informed, the ... S4-V4-P01-sp09-D0009, S4-V4-P01-sp09-D0009
4 Extract of a Letter from London to a Gentleman in Virginia: Our connection with England ought to be dissolved. The Bill that has now passed Parliament ... S4-V4-P01-sp12-D0025, S4-V4-P01-sp12-D0025
5 Address of a British American to the Inhabitants of the United Colonies: Advises an immediate declaration of Independence S4-V4-P01-sp14-D0057, S4-V4-P01-sp14-D0057
6 Address of Dr. Morgan to the Publick: Thanks to the Towns of Concord, and c, for Supplies furnished the Hospital S4-V4-P01-sp16-D0012, S4-V4-P01-sp16-D0012
7 Letter from Samuel Adams to Elbridge Gerry: The Military power should always be under the direction and control of the Legislative. When riches shall ... S4-V4-P01-sp16-D0022, S4-V4-P01-sp16-D0022
8 Letter from General Schuyler to General Washington S4-V4-P01-sp16-D0084, S4-V4-P01-sp16-D0084
9 Common Sense-- I. Of the Origin and Design of Government in general, with concise Remarks on the English Constitution. II. Of Monarchy and Hereditary ... S4-V4-P01-sp16-D0206, S4-V4-P01-sp16-D0206
10 Parliamentary Post not permitted to travel in, or pass through, the Province, Every Member of the Convention required to keep all the Debates and Proc ... S4-V4-P01-sp21-D0004, S4-V4-P01-sp21-D0004
11 Ancient Testimony and Principles of the People called Quakers renewed, with respect to the King and Government, and coaching the commotions now prevai ... S4-V4-P01-sp22-D0057, S4-V4-P01-sp22-D0057
12 Proclamation by the General Court of Massachusetts S4-V4-P01-sp22-D0142, S4-V4-P01-sp22-D0142
13 Cosmopolitan to the Inhabitants of the American Colonies, No. 6 S4-V4-P01-sp22-D0213, S4-V4-P01-sp22-D0213
14 Address of the Queen Anne (Maryland) Company of Militia to Colonel Rolsert Tyler S4-V4-P01-sp22-D0307, S4-V4-P01-sp22-D0307
15 Cosmopolitan to the Inhabitants of the American Colonies, No. 7 S4-V4-P01-sp22-D0347, S4-V4-P01-sp22-D0347
16 Address of a Religious Politician to the People in general: We are reduced to the necessity of becoming independent and entering into a war with Great ... S4-V4-P01-sp24-D0052, S4-V4-P01-sp24-D0052
17 An earnest Appeal to the People: The whole scene appears rapidly advancing towards Independence, as hastily as Infinite Wisdom thinks proper to conduc ... S4-V4-P01-sp26-D0077, S4-V4-P01-sp26-D0077
18 Encouragement for the making of Saltpetre in the Colony S4-V4-P01-sp27-D0064, S4-V4-P01-sp27-D0064
19 Thoughts on Government, by John Adams S4-V4-P01-sp28-D0024, S4-V4-P01-sp28-D0024
20 Salus Popall to the Freemen of the Province of Pennsylvania, in favor of Independence S4-V4-P01-sp28-D0028, S4-V4-P01-sp28-D0028
21 Notice of the Meeting of a few Members of the General Assembly at New-York S4-V4-P01-sp28-D0050, S4-V4-P01-sp28-D0050
22 Questions and Answers on the Independence of the Colonies S4-V4-P01-sp28-D0081, S4-V4-P01-sp28-D0081
23 Dr. William Smith's Oration S4-V4-P01-sp28-D0118, S4-V4-P01-sp28-D0118
24 Petition of a number of Inhabitants of Pownalborough, respecting Abiel Wood. Report of Joint Committee on the Petition, presented, read and recommitte ... S4-V4-P01-sp29-D0021, S4-V4-P01-sp29-D0021
25 Petition of the Inhabitants Of the Westerly part of Newton S4-V4-P01-sp29-D0028, S4-V4-P01-sp29-D0028
26 Proclamation by the General Court, to be read at the opening of Courts, at the Town-Meetings, and in all Churches S4-V4-P01-sp29-D0085, S4-V4-P01-sp29-D0085
27 Proclamation S4-V4-P01-sp30-D0086, S4-V4-P01-sp30-D0086
28 Letter from Frederick Rhinelander to Peter Van Schaack: State of affairs in the City of New-York S4-V4-P01-sp31-D0029, S4-V4-P01-sp31-D0029
29 An Honest Farmer to Mr. Purdie S4-V4-P01-sp33-D0069, S4-V4-P01-sp33-D0069
30 Detail of the Publick Proceedings, so far as they relate to Colonel Henry, from his first appointment to the command of the First Regiment to his refu ... S4-V4-P01-sp33-D0070, S4-V4-P01-sp33-D0070
31 Address of Rationalis to the Inhabitants of Pennsylvania, in answer to Common Sense, and against Independence S4-V4-P01-sp33-D0075, S4-V4-P01-sp33-D0075
32 An Apology for the Pennsylvania Assembly, for their imputed backwardness in the cause of liberty S4-V4-P01-sp33-D0089, S4-V4-P01-sp33-D0089
33 Memorial to the Assembly S4-V4-P01-sp34-D0025, S4-V4-P01-sp34-D0025
34 All Committees, and others, Who have had charge of Publick Moneys, required to account, Report of Committee on General Washington's Letter of December ... S4-V4-P01-sp36-D0009, S4-V4-P01-sp36-D0009
35 Monument to General Montgomery to be procured from France, Dr. Smith desired to prepare a Funeral Oration in honour of General Montgomery S4-V4-P01-sp36-D0034, S4-V4-P01-sp36-D0034