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1 Declaration of Independence, July 4 S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0030, S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0030
2 Committee to revise the list of Magistrates, and report the names of persons proper to be added thereto S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0057, S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0057
3 Report from the Committee to whom the Petition of John Berwick was referred S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0067, S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0067
4 Ordinance presented by the Attorney-General for providing Juries for Beaufort District, at the next November Courts, Two Members added to the Committe ... S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0070, S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0070
5 Ordinance for providing Juries for Beaufort District at next November Court, passed S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0078, S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0078
6 The Committee to whom was referred the Petition of John and Richard Thompson, recommend that they be released from Prison, and their fines remitted, o ... S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0117, S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0117
7 The bill establishing a proper Oath of Qualification to be taken by the Members fo the General Assembly, amended and sent to the Legislative Council S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0128, S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0128
8 Committee to report proper means of maintaining a Pilot-Boat for the Bar and Harbour of Beaufort, A bill presented to empower the Court of Admiralty t ... S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0131, S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0131
9 Assent of the President for the Ordinance for providing Juries for Beaufort District, and act for establishing a Navy Board S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0136, S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0136
10 Bill passed for establishing a proper Oath of Qualification to be taken by the Members of the General Assembly, and for other purposes S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0152, S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0152
11 Report of the Committee to whom it was referred to revise the Constitution S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0186, S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0186
12 Report from the Committee to revise the list of Magistrates S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0195, S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0195
13 The President's two Messages of yesterday referred to a Committee, Bill passed to empower the Court of Admiralty to have jurisdiction in all cases of ... S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0211, S5-V3-P01-sp01-D0211
14 The action commenced by Conrad Theodore Wederstrandt against Edward Meadows, Commander of the Tartar man-of-war, not to abate by the death of either p ... S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0034, S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0034
15 Ordinance for erecting two new Counties out of Frederick County S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0043, S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0043
16 Committees of Observation, of Correspondence, and for licensing suits, to continue to act with the powers heretofore vested in them until the 1st day ... S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0048, S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0048
17 All proceedings which were depending in the March and August Courts of St. Mary's and Charles Counties, to be revived and continued to the next Novemb ... S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0132, S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0132
18 Declaration of Rights, as reported from the Committee of the Whole S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0134, S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0134
19 Vote S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0135, S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0135
20 Vote S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0140, S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0140
21 Vote S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0141, S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0141
22 Vote S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0142, S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0142
23 Declaration of Rights, as amended and agreed to by the Convention S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0150, S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0150
24 Constitution and Form of Government as reported by the Committee of the Whole S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0151, S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0151
25 All civil officers now in commission under the old form of Government to continue to act until others shall be appointed, and the County Courts to ass ... S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0152, S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0152
26 Vote S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0170, S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0170
27 Nov. 6 S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0177, S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0177
28 President of Congress requested to grant a passport for Mrs. Chamier to go to the American Camp, Directions respecting Money and Tobacco received in v ... S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0183, S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0183
29 The Constitution and Form of Government agreed to by the Delegates of Maryland in free and full Convention assembled S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0192, S5-V3-P01-sp02-D0192
30 Clerk of Dutchess County to issue no precept whatever until a New Government is formed, or further order of the Convention S5-V3-P01-sp04-D0068, S5-V3-P01-sp04-D0068
31 Petition of Lawrence R. Campbell, a prisoner of war in Concord Jail, for a release or a hearing S5-V3-P01-sp14-D0021, S5-V3-P01-sp14-D0021
32 Resolve for adjourning the Inferior Court in the County of Dukes County S5-V3-P01-sp14-D0078, S5-V3-P01-sp14-D0078
33 Resolve for adjourning the Superior Court for Essex and Middlesex S5-V3-P01-sp14-D0150, S5-V3-P01-sp14-D0150
34 Resolution approving the Declaration of Independence S5-V3-P01-sp15-D0001, S5-V3-P01-sp15-D0001
35 Instructions to the Representatives of the city of Philadelphia, to be published for consideration previous to a Town-meeting S5-V3-P01-sp20-D0028, S5-V3-P01-sp20-D0028
36 Address of the Grand Jury of Burlington County, to Samuel Tucker, one of the Judges of the Supreme Court of New-Jersey S5-V3-P01-sp20-D0168, S5-V3-P01-sp20-D0168
37 Answer of Judge Tucker to the Address of the Grand Jury of Burlington County S5-V3-P01-sp20-D0169, S5-V3-P01-sp20-D0169
38 Memorial of Isaac Cox to Continental Congress, in behalf of Alexander Frazer and other inhabitants of Providence S5-V3-P01-sp20-D0341, S5-V3-P01-sp20-D0341
39 Memorial of Isaac Cox to Continental Congress, in behalf of Alexander Frazer and other inhabitants of Providence S5-V3-P01-sp20-D0342, S5-V3-P01-sp20-D0342
40 Narrative of Mr. Lamont's observations during the time he was a prisoner in Massachusetts-Bay, from the 22d of September till the 27th of November S5-V3-P01-sp20-D0651, S5-V3-P01-sp20-D0651
41 House of Lords. Address of the King to both Houses of Parliament S5-V3-P02-sp01-D0001, S5-V3-P02-sp01-D0001
42 Address of Thanks of the King moved by the Earl of Carlisle, Motion for an Address of Thanks seconded by Earl Fauconberg, Amendment to the Address of ... S5-V3-P02-sp01-D0002, S5-V3-P02-sp01-D0002
43 House of Commons--Address of Thanks. Address of Thanks moved by Mr. Neville, The motion seconded by Mr. Hutton, Amendment moved by Lord John Cavendish ... S5-V3-P02-sp01-D0005, S5-V3-P02-sp01-D0005
44 Notice to master and crew of the ship Caroline, taken by the privateer Harlequin and condemned as a lawful prize S5-V3-P03-sp01-D0155, S5-V3-P03-sp01-D0155
45 Address of the Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled to the People in general, and particularly to the Inhabitants of ... S5-V3-P03-sp01-D0305, S5-V3-P03-sp01-D0305
46 Embargo in New-Hampshire S5-V3-P03-sp01-D0369, S5-V3-P03-sp01-D0369