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1 Committee on supplying the Province with Arms, Ammunition, and warlike Stores Field-Officers of Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Regiments, appointed S4-V5-P01-sp22-D0015, S4-V5-P01-sp22-D0015
2 Persons appointed to secure the manufacture of Saltpetre, Gunpowder, and common Salt, Muskets and Cannon S4-V5-P01-sp22-D0026, S4-V5-P01-sp22-D0026
3 Report of Committee on procuring and purifying Sulphur, considered and adopted Committee to procure twenty tons of Lead S4-V5-P01-sp22-D0042, S4-V5-P01-sp22-D0042
4 Bridges destroyed in the late expedition against the Tories to be rebuilt at the expense of the publick Committee to inquire into the ways and means t ... S4-V5-P01-sp22-D0044, S4-V5-P01-sp22-D0044
5 Committee to bring in a Plan for the more convenient payment of the Militia Committee to examine the Proceedings of the late Provincial Council Commit ... S4-V5-P01-sp22-D0049, S4-V5-P01-sp22-D0049