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1 Argumentative part of the Instructions (Note) S4-V1-P03-sp18-D0014, S4-V1-P03-sp18-D0014
2 John Ellis examined S4-V1-P04-sp11-D0005, S4-V1-P04-sp11-D0005
3 Mr. Barke's Resolutions for Conciliation with America. Debate -- Mr. Burke. Mr. Jenkinson. Lord Frederick Campbell. Question taken, and the Resolution ... S4-V1-P04-sp12-D0001, S4-V1-P04-sp12-D0001
4 Debate--Earl Cower. Lord Camden. Bill offered by Lord Camden, to Repeal the Quebeck Act. Motion by the Earl of Dartmouth, that the Bill be now rejecte ... S4-V1-P04-sp18-D0002, S4-V1-P04-sp18-D0002
5 Petition and Memorial of his Majesty's ancient Subjects, Seigneurs, Freeholders, Merchants, Traders, and others, settled in his Majesty's Province of ... S4-V1-P04-sp18-D0003, S4-V1-P04-sp18-D0003
6 Letter from the Council of Virginia to the President of Congress S5-V1-P01-sp06-D0712, S5-V1-P01-sp06-D0712
7 Letter from the Convention of North-Carolina to the Governour of Virginia, July 21 S5-V1-P01-sp06-D0715, S5-V1-P01-sp06-D0715
8 Intelligence from Williamsburgh, Virginia: The First Virginia Continental Regiment has marched for New-York. Indian affairs S5-V1-P01-sp06-D1627, S5-V1-P01-sp06-D1627